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Inglewood Wellness Center Santa Monica, CA
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Modern Aesthetica offers a full range of cutting edge care, including Corporate Wellness Programs, Bio-identical Hormone Optimization, Lifestyle Modification Therapy, Infusion Therapy, Aesthetic Facial Therapy, as well as both Platelet Rich Plasma joint therapy along with PRP Facials!

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Wellness Center Inglewood, CA

Given the latest advancements in technology, including smartphone applications and tracking devices, individuals have easy access to customized information and recommendations in a matter of minutes. Yet, when it comes to healthcare, there appears to be a lack of personalization, leaving individuals with conventional means of managing their disease and promoting their health. Thus, a staggering number of individuals are taking prescription painkillers, while others live with chronic pain and impaired function.

Providing a unique spectrum of cutting-edge care, Modern Aesthetica is a wellness center where leading physician, Dr. Daniel Moghadam, personally delivers regenerative and anti-aging healthcare. When Inglewood residents visit Dr. Moghadam at his impressive facility, they benefit from in-depth analysis and comprehensive diagnostics that reveal a panoramic perspective of their health. This becomes the cornerstone of tailored treatment and the individualized care that patients need and deserve.

An array of services are offered at Modern Aesthetica including weight loss management and hormone optimization therapy, cryo body sculpting, platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy for joint pain, hair loss and facial aging treatments, cosmetic injectables and fillers, body and aesthetic booster shots, IV infusion therapy, laser hair removal, balance programs for new mothers and nutritional counseling.

Anti-Aging Services

While, at one point, celebrities were the only ones with a public image. However, the emergence of social media has made appearance more important than ever before, with many using their public profiles and pictures to establish a presence in the media or advance their career. Thus, when it comes to age-related fine lines, wrinkles, loss of volume in the face, hormonal weight gain and nutritional difficulties, there are age-defying solutions and therapies that do not require surgery.

At Modern Aesthetica, renowned physician Dr. Daniel Moghadam personally administers the following anti-aging services to Inglewood residents – Botox, Juvederm, cryo body sculpting, prescription weight loss management and nutrition, hormone optimization, laser hair removal, platelet rich plasma (PRP) facials, lip augmentation and more. Dr. Moghadam’s commitment to personalized patient care means that patients have the advantage of working directing with an experienced physician to execute a full body anti-aging plan to help them look good and feel good.

Health & Fitness Programs

Though exercise and nutrition contribute to one’s health, strenuous routines and extreme diets rarely encourage weight loss, at least for the long run. This is especially true as people age. In effect, understanding the unique chemistry of individuals, such as their hormonal levels, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid function, sleep patterns, cortisol and insulin levels is key to developing a successful weight loss program that will deliver lasting health benefits.

As a leading weight loss and anti-aging physician at Modern Aesthetica, Dr. Daniel Moghadam provides comprehensive health and fitness programs that include nutrition and exercise counseling, lab work analysis, prescription weight loss supplements to enhance energy and metabolism, as well as minimize the storage of fat. In turn, Dr. Moghadam has devised a specialized hormone optimization program to help regulate hormonal imbalances, optimize hormonal responses and counteract hormone-induced weight gain in men and women.

Cosmetic Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

With many variations, every face has distinctive expressions that complement an individual’s personality. Yet, after years of smiling, laughing, frowning and squinting, the aging face loses volume and develops lines, wrinkles and creases that might cause a person to appear older than they actually are.

With the ability to combat the telltale signs of aging, while preserving the unique features and traits of the face, Modern Aesthetica offers a complete spectrum of cosmetic non-surgical facial rejuvenation procedures and services. These include Juvederm Voluma, Volbella and Vollure XC, Botox and Botox facials, Kybella, Restylane Defyne, Lyft and Refyne, Sculptra and Voluma. Additionally, as part of an innovative technology using absorbable sutures, the PDO thread lift (lunchtime facial or facelift) is a preferred treatment to erase up to 10 years, without surgery.

Combining integrative and aesthetic services, Dr. Daniel Moghadam makes it his mission to provide individualized care at his state-of-the-art facility, Modern Aesthetica. Thus, Inglewood residents have the benefit of receiving cutting-edge treatment from an experienced physician with a passion for helping them feel better than ever before.

Regenerative Medicine

As the number of ailing Americans is on the rise, many are caught in the vicious cycle of visiting multiple doctors and specialists to “manage” their pain and disease, with no hope for healing in sight. Even so, regenerative medicine provides a remarkable twist on traditional healthcare with the potential to fully heal damaged tissues and organs with new innovations, techniques and therapies.

A key component of regenerative medicine is stem cell therapy, which involves obtaining stem cells from a patient’s own blood, bone marrow or fat tissues. First, the blood sample is centrifuged where platelet cells are isolated in order to be re-injected into an area of damage or joint pain. Containing a high concentration of proteins and growth factors, the stem cells or platelet rich plasma (PRP) signals the healing, rebuilding and strengthening of tissues. In turn, PRP therapy facilitates the repair of torn cartilage that cushions joints, as well as torn tendons and damaged nerves. For conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, for instance, platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections initiate the replacing of synovial liquid that allows for pain-free movement of the wrist joint.

Stem cell PRP treatments reduce pain and maximize mobility for a number of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions. Some of these include knee joint pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, wrist and finger joint pain, low back pain and arthritis. Dr. Daniel Moghadam personally administers the injections at his state-of-the-art facility, Modern Aesthetica. Driven by a commitment to integrative, aesthetic care that encourages peak performance and health, Dr. Moghadam remains a leading physician serving Inglewood.

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Our Patient Reviews

Modern Aesthetica

4.8 / 5.0

Based on 15 reviews

Nusha B.

Dr. Danny keeps it real! With gratitude, I have decided to write this review. I got a few subtle services done with him and I have been really happy about it. I proudly say that I trust his insight and knowledge. He truly is a talented physician and works from his heart. I am fortunate to have found this place. Thank you Modern Aesthetica!

Audra L.

I was referred to Dr. Dan via a couple clients/friends. I went in there not really knowing what to expect...but I needed help filling in some lines without actual filler. He's honest and even told me I DIDN'T need things I though I might. When I say instant results...I mean it. Shocking! He's professional, courteous and straight to the point. It's been 3 days and I can't stop staring at my face...very well knowing the results I already see will be even better in 2 weeks. Amazing. Referring everyone I know!

Diana H.

Dr. Daniel is the best. His office is clean and the receptionist made me feel super welcome and comfortable. Will definitely be returning!!!

Maurice E. A.

Top notch facility. Top notch doctor. Very happy to have found this place! Thanks Dr M!

Michael D.

Dr. Daniel has helped me with my fitness journey so much! He is a truly caring physician and was available for me every step of the way. A lot of weight loss and fitness doctors use the same template, but I KNOW he treats every patient specifically, and adjusts the regimen to tailor it to my needs.

David P.

I went to go see Dr. Danny recently and he treated with kit gloves. I couldn't be happier. He's a phenomenal doctor and what a beautiful facility.

Kayvan M.

I was referred to Dr. Danny by a friend who got great results with his fitness regimen. I had hit a plateau in terms of my results so that’s why I first went to Modern. I didn’t know what to expect but I was amazed at everything Dr. Danny shared with me. He gave me some great advice on a medicine based fitness regiment and customized something just for me. Loving the results. Thank you!

Stacey R.

I had a Vampire Facial here and the results were amazing. Dr. Danny made sure I looked great for my best friend's party 1 week after. Finding a great doctor in Los Angeles can be tough but I think I found a solid one here! If you want to look your VERY best, I highly recommend Dr. Danny and the entire staff at Modern Aesthetica!