Have you ever felt low confidence in a gym locker room? In a urinal? Around other men? If that is the case, you’ve come across the correct page. With a revolutionary NON-SURGICAL approach, penis augmentation has become an affordable, relatively easy procedure IF DONE BY THE CORRECT HANDS

When asked, 4 out of 5 men have expressed concern over the size of their manhood. There are many reasons this is the case, including whats called a visual perspective bias. The same penis will look larger when you look at someone elses body than when you look at your own.  Don’t you want to look down at yourself with pride and confidence?

There are many genetic factors involved in penis size, including overall body size, race, and the the infamous tagline of “I’m a grower not a shower.” My answer to that is, Why Not Be Both???

For years, many different procedures have come to the market with big promises, and poor results. Alloderm implants, penile shaft implants, penis pumps, ligaments, pills, creams, lotions. The list is long, and the results are few.

The non-surgical methods dont work. Plain and simple. The results are temporary at best and some have horrific long term problems, such as penis pumping or penile exercises. Pumping causes temporary swelling and makes your penis appear bigger, but you run into bruising, and even worse possible permanent deformity and even more horrifically, necrosis. that means, your penile tissue could literally die off. Seems like a terrible deal, no? Penile exercises are daily, take years to work (if at all) and there are no studies to prove long term effects. Lotions and pills are as good as pixie dust. If you want those, I have some MAGIC BEANS to sell you.

Surgical options aren’t much better unfortunately. Implant have a high failure rate, an even higher complication rate, and astronomical patient dissatisfaction. Scarring, poor blood flow, cosmetic issues… the problem list is just as long.

With a new approach that is NON-SURGICAL, MINIMALLY INVASIVE and can be done in office with NO ANESTHESIA, you can safely enlarge your manhood with a clinically proven method available to you through me, Dr. Daniel Moghadam. I’m a certified master injector, and I have provided mens health services for years, including platelet rich plasma injections for erectile dysfunction, male bioidentical hormone replacement, as well as various other Aesthetic and Regenerative services.

Here are the key points, to make it simple:






You can call me Dr. D for short  (or for long, actually).

Call today for a consultation and put your worries to rest. You’re in great hands.