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Say Goodbye to That Double Chin With Surgery-Free Kybella

Are you plagued by a double chin? Whether you’re bothered by the extra pudge on your neck when you look in the mirror or you’re embarrassed by how your profile looks in candid photos, you’re not alone.

Double chins affect people of all ages and body types. Regular exercise and a balanced diet are important, but a double chin can stick around even if you’re living a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re unhappy with stubborn fat under your chin, Daniel Moghadam, MD, and our team at Modern Aesthetica are here to offer a solution. Kybella® is an FDA-approved nonsurgical treatment to fight that stubborn double chin and help you love your look.

Why do you have a double chin?

The term “double chin” is a nickname for submental fullness. The submental area is space under your jaw and below your chin. Extra fat under the chin is a very common problem, and it can make you look heavier or older than you really are. 

The contours of your chin are influenced by a number of factors, from genetics and age to lifestyle habits and body weight. Although being overweight is often the cause of double chins, some people have the look of a double chin even if they’re at a healthy weight for their height.

As you get older, the muscles around your face get weaker, often leading to fat collection and sagging skin under your chin. There are lots of factors at work, but it’s no secret that living with a double chin can be embarrassing.

Unfortunately, losing weight under your chin isn’t easy with diet and exercise alone. Targeted fat loss — especially under the chin — is often unsuccessful. Striving for a healthy weight has lots of benefits for your wellbeing, but losing weight might not hone your profile like you hoped.

Love your profile with Kybella

Submental fat is difficult to lose just by eating right and exercising regularly. Liposuction is a popular procedure to remove extra fat from the body, but what if you don’t want to undergo surgery to treat your double chin?

It’s time to learn more about Kybella: a nonsurgical treatment that targets stubborn fat under the chin. At Modern Aesthetica, our team regularly recommends Kybella for adults of all ages who are bothered by submental fullness.

Kybella is an injectable treatment. It contains synthetic deoxycholic acid, which aids in breaking down fat cells in the body. Your aesthetician makes a series of small injections around your neck and chin, and Kybella destroys unwanted fat.

Your aesthetician creates a customized Kybella plan for your needs and goals. Most people receive a series of up to six treatments spaced one month apart. Your results begin developing in as little as two sessions, and continue improving in the following months.

After your Kybella injections, your body naturally eliminates the destroyed cells, and they’re no longer able to accumulate or store fat.  As long as you maintain a healthy weight following Kybella treatment, you can expect the results you achieve to be permanent.

Say goodbye to that pesky double chin once and for all with Kybella. To schedule your Kybella consultation in Santa Monica, California, call our office at 310-395-5055 or send us a message online.

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