Let’s face it; it is not always easy to eat and drink the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to stay at peak performance. While you may take oral supplements, these can’t always deliver the amount your body needs or be absorbed in the most efficient way. Nonetheless, your body still needs the correct fuel to operate best. And whether you are a firefighter, lawyer, physician or professional athlete, you can’t always afford to feel rundown or perform below par.

Fortunately, modern medicine has provided an easy and highly effective solution. More and more professionals are turning to IV vitamin therapy to improve their performance at work. Through a careful analysis of your goals and what your body is lacking, our specialists will recommend a custom IV drip to fuel your body appropriately. At Modern Aesthetica, our IV Drip menu includes the following treatment options and more:

• Super Drip
• Beauty Drip
• Hangover Drip
• Hydration Drip
• Athlete Recovery Drip
• Immune-Booster Drip
• Fat Fighter Drip

The Delivery is Key

Unlike any other delivery method, our IV vitamins are sent straight into your bloodstream. This is the optimal place for your body to use these key nutrients and foster cellular recovery. Intravenous therapy can raise the levels of nutrients 100 times higher than by taking them orally- so it is often a more cost-effective option for vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. Our intravenous system is easy to use, as we have many patients who stop by on their lunch hour for a quick, painless and successful treatment to boost their energy and performance.

Versatile Solution

IV nutrient infusion is utilized by a range of career professionals, as it can not only improve your physical capabilities, but it also fuels your brain with the nutrients it needs to stay sharp and focused – a valued benefit for doctors, lawyers and other professions that hold major responsibilities with every action and decision. IV drips can be used the morning after a fun party (hangover drip) or as a preventative therapy before traveling (immune-booster). Some use it as a means to relieve stress, eliminate a migraine or recharge after a big event.

If you are a working adult who feels run down, tired or simply not as sharp as you used to, we invite you to discover the benefits of IV vitamin infusion. This easy treatment can be the answer you are looking for to stay competitive in your career! Call Modern Aesthetica today to book your appointment.