Living in a health conscience community like Los Angeles and Santa Monica provides many introductions into cutting edge medicine such as platelet rich plasma treatments.

The core services that many inquire about are PRP treatments for hair Loss, PRP facial treatments (i.e. vampire facial) and PRP for Joint Pain.

There are many articles, videos, and published information out there discussing these treatments. However, discussing them with a doctor who has years of experience with these treatment will give you the true understanding of its benefits and advantages.

Dr. Moghadam is passionate about modern treatments to help people achieve their health and aesthetic goals.

He completed his fellowship in anti-aging and regenerative medicine from the American Academy of Anti-Aging and formed his integrative and aesthetic practice to support those looking into natural methods of accomplishing their goals.

There are many reasons Dr. Moghadam is a proponent of using PRP, specifically that it is all natural and non-invasive — meaning, there are no surgeries or anesthesia involved.

Because PRP is used directly from the body of the patient and then injected into the treatment site, it is a natural treatment.

It contains growth factors that have the ability to heal damaged tissues, due to the fact that it works by naturally triggering localized inflammation, production of collagen and other regenerative processes.

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