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Sculptra Santa Monica, CA
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Modern Aesthetica offers a full range of cutting edge care, including Corporate Wellness Programs, Bio-identical Hormone Optimization, Lifestyle Modification Therapy, Infusion Therapy, Aesthetic Facial Therapy, as well as both Platelet Rich Plasma joint therapy along with PRP Facials!

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Perhaps the most recognizable sign of aging in the face is the loss of volume. Loss of volume can result in a hollowed, sunken appearance, particularly in the cheeks and lower face. When skin laxity becomes bothersome, an individual’s first inclination might be to seek information about skin care or even a surgical facelift. Yet, these options do not restore lost volume. When aging skin needs a breakthrough, Sculptra is a highly effective facial injectable designed to rejuvenate the face and provide the youthful contour that patients are looking for.

Also known as poly-L-lactic acid, Sculptra is not a dermal filler, at least not in the traditional sense. Rather, it stimulates the body’s production of collagen. This means that volume is restored naturally with a patient’s own tissue.

Non-Surgical Anti-Aging Collagen Treatment

While most individuals understand that collagen is an underlying cause of facial aging, many rely upon collagen creams and dietary supplements to encourage the production of collagen and fight signs of aging. While creams are intended to be absorbed by the skin, collagen molecules are simply too large in size to penetrate the dermis, though they may provide temporary improvements in skin texture. In the same way, supplements containing collagen are believed to encourage production of the protein. However, the body breaks down the collagen after it is ingested, and there is little evidence that these vitamins produce results.

The good news is that Sculptra is a non-surgical, anti-aging collagen stimulator that restores the inner structure of the skin. As collagen strands are rebuilt, there is a natural and gradual increase in facial volume. With added fullness, fine lines, wrinkles and creases also diminish. With an average of three appointments, Sculptra injections produce results that can last more than two years.

If you would like to target the underlying causes of facial anti-aging with FDA-approved Sculptra, Dr. Daniel Moghadam invites you to contact Modern Aesthetica, his state-of-the-art facility in Santa Monica. As a renowned physician and leader in anti-aging services, Dr. Moghadam provides treatments that deliver both beauty and health benefits. After all, he believes that when individuals look good, they feel good too.