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Hormone Optimization Therapy Santa Monica, CA
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Modern Aesthetica offers a full range of cutting edge care, including Corporate Wellness Programs, Bio-identical Hormone Optimization, Lifestyle Modification Therapy, Infusion Therapy, Aesthetic Facial Therapy, as well as both Platelet Rich Plasma joint therapy along with PRP Facials!

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Hormone Optimization TherapySanta Monica

Hormone Optimization Therapy Santa Monica, CA | Balance Hormones

As we age, our hormone levels naturally decline, leading to many of the common characteristics associated with aging. These include:

  • Weight gain despite healthy eating and staying active
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety and irritability
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Low libido
  • Impaired cognitive function

Most people over the age of 40 don’t realize that these symptoms are often a sign of hormonal imbalance, which can be successfully counteracted with Modern Aesthetica’s Hormone Optimization therapy. This anti aging treatment helps to address hormone imbalances, especially in women, and reverse associated ailments so you can go back to feeling your best.

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Moreover, maintaining optimized, balanced hormones can help you maintain optimal weight, sharper mental acuity, high levels of energy and stamina, increased lean muscle mass, improved long-term health, and enhanced libido.

That said, our Santa Monica patients can enjoy even more benefits of hormone optimization that go beyond the immediate impact, such as long-term improved brain, heart, and bone health benefits.

Dr. Daniel Moghadam of Modern Aesthetica will work with you to renew your body and improve your general wellness. By restoring your optimal hormone levels, you can feel yourself again and enjoy good quality of life.

How Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Works

The hormones in your body are produced in the endocrine glands, and are responsible for conveying chemical signals through the bloodstream to ensure that various systems, tissues, and organs in your body function properly.

As you approach the age of 30 years, most people begin to experience a decline in the production of various hormones, leading to various symptoms such as low libido, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and so on. Hormonal imbalances prevent the signals from being transmitted correctly, which in turn causes the affected tissues, organs, or body systems to malfunction and cause various symptoms and ailments.

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which is also referred to as estrogen replacement therapy or menopausal hormone therapy, attempts to treat the symptoms of hormonal imbalance using bio-identical hormones that occur naturally, like estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and so on. The treatment replenishes the insufficient hormones in your body to achieve hormonal balance and restore various body functions to optimal levels.

What to Expect with Hormone Optimization

The key to Modern Aesthetica’s hormone replacement therapy continued success is in our polished procedure. Precisely measured hormone doses are carefully titrated in small amounts that are applied more frequently than with traditional methods used in other locations. This allows your vital body systems to maintain accord with the hormone replacement therapy and eliminate side effects associated with hormone level spikes.

This system offers several advantages, including:

  • Minimal conversion to hormones, which causes adverse side effects
  • Low risk of dosage spikes that can lead to more hormone imbalance
  • The ability to maintain a harmonious synergy in your body throughout your therapy with more regular dosage monitoring and checkups by our specialists

Most clinics that offer hormone therapy use creams, pills, and large-dose injections that don’t necessarily provide steady results. In addition, these techniques don’t allow for close monitoring, which can lead to adverse effects.

By using our unique titration method to administer the hormone therapy, our patients enjoy better, long-term results with almost no side effects.

Please contact Modern Aesthetica in Santa Monica to discuss with our specialists how hormone optimization therapy can help with weight loss and restoring other functions of your body to their optimal condition.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

For Women

For Men