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The Mommy and Me Bounce-Back Program Santa Monica, CA
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The Mommy and Me Bounce-Back Program Santa Monica

A main issue all new moms face after giving birth are how to bounce back after baby. At Modern Aesthetica, we will give you the tools to get you back to where you were pre pregnancy using medical weight loss techniques along with nutrition and exercise guidance managed with physician oversight.

The Mommy and Me Bounce-Back Program Santa Monica

The Mommy and Me Balance Program
You do not want to be a mom missing in action with your kids. You want to be full of energy and be a role model for them. Childhood obesity has become an epidemic. This program will allow you to incorporate yourself in your child’s fitness, setting them up for a lifetime of health benefits. Both parent and child are incorporated in a tailored, holistic approach to nutrition and weight management.
Nutrition counseling
Dietary evaluation and counseling. A detailed nutritional evaluation will be conducted to help identify areas of inappropriate caloric intake. An individualized nutritional plan will be developed to ensure recommended essential nutrients are consumed with optimal caloric intake
Physical Activity
Finding an ideal balance of energy intake and expenditure is very important. Physical activity is the final aspect of the energy equilibrium. We will help each child find a means of effective physical activity that can be incorporated into their daily schedule
Parent sessions
Monthly sessions with parents where we explore nutrition and physical activity solutions for you and your family. We always explore ways to incorporate adequate nutrition and activity into your busy schedule.

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