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PDO Butt Lift Santa Monica, CA
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PDO Butt Lift

It is understandable if you want to look as good from behind as you do in the front. Unfortunately, whether it is gravity, genetics or both, your buttocks can lose its shape and sensuality as your age. In fact, a flat and sagging gluteus maximus is a common concern for many women. At Modern Aesthetica, we value the importance of offering effective ways to improve your appearance and self-confidence without going under the knife. With the help of non-surgical PDO threading, you can receive the butt lift you’ve always wanted with a quick, minimal downtime procedure that produces long-lasting results.

Our Santa Monica clinic proudly offers PDO Butt Lifts. Using strong hypoallergenic PDO threads that are strategically threaded into the buttocks, we can lift, reposition and secure static sagging skin. Furthermore, PDO is made of polydioxanone, which serves as a time-tested surgical material that is known for stimulating neocollagenesis, or new collagen production. Therefore, not only can PDO threading lift a sagging derrière, it can also improve the texture and elasticity of your buttock skin.

PDO Thread Lift for Your Buttocks

PDO thread lifting for your buttocks involves a skilled technique, a variety of special threads and a very fine needle. Not only can this non-surgical procedure be done quickly, but a local anesthetic is used to ensure you remain comfortable at every step.

A lifted appearance is often noticed immediately following your treatment. However, you can expect an improvement in the following days and weeks as the unique PDO thread stimulates new collagen growth within the buttock tissues. After several months, the thread material is completely and naturally absorbed by your body, leaving behind no sutures or scarring. Our physician is uniquely trained to produce beautiful, balanced and natural-looking results when it comes to the PDO Butt Lift procedure.

If you are bothered by your unsightly buttocks and want to learn more about how you can achieve lifted, sculpted and more attractive glutes in a single non-surgical treatment, contact Modern Aesthetica today. We proudly offer a full menu of the latest treatments and services that defy the effects of aging and improve your overall well-being.