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PDO Thread Lift Santa Monica, CA
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PDO Thread Lift

With the loss of youthful volume and a weakened facial support structure, the aging face begins to appear longer as skin tissues loosen. Though conventional means of lifting the face involve surgery, the PDO thread lift is a non-surgical option that safely and effectively lifts and contours sagging skin on the face, neck and jawline using Novathreads. These hypodermic needles are FDA-approved and contain a synthetic PDO (polydioxanone) suture that is absorbable.

With two types of PDO threads and techniques, Nu-Lift and Nu-Mesh, treatment at Modern Aesthetica is tailored to the individual and their specific aesthetic goals. In either case, as sutures are placed below the skin’s surface, the body elicits a natural inflammatory and healing response by signaling the production of collagen. Essentially, the newly formed collagen secures the lifting of the skin, and over time, it continues to produce results.

PDO THREAD LIFT Before & After Photo

The Lunch Time Facial

Often called the lunchtime facial or facelift, the PDO thread lift is part of a revolutionary technology using absorbable sutures and is the preferred treatment to look up to 10 years younger in 1-2 hours, without going under the knife.

First, the PDO threads are safe and are used regularly in high-risk procedures and surgeries, including open-heart surgery. Since the body naturally absorbs the sutures, there is zero risk of scar tissue formation. There are no incisions or cuts necessary, only injections. This ensures that downtime is minimal, and any discomfort is easily managed with ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Finally, while individuals will notice an immediate lifting of the skin, they will continue to experience results as collagen production continues. Thus, patients can enjoy a youthful shape to their face for up to two years!

Non-Surgical Facelift Using PDO Threads

Having been used for years in the body, PDO threads produce extraordinary benefits in facial rejuvenation such as reducing wrinkles and lifting the cheeks, jawline and neck. What’s more is that the threads are naturally broken down by the body and do not leave scarring behind. Additionally, the versatility of PDO threads allows them to be placed according to a patient’s specific aesthetic requests or goals.

The Nu-Lift technique provides a more immediate result and utilizes threads containing tiny barbs on the length of the entire suture. When placed in a specific area such as the cheeks, the barbs gather and lift the facial tissue. The body will then build collagen around the suture and barbs, providing a long-lasting result.

The Nu-Mesh technique involves placing smaller threads vertically and horizontally under the skin, in a mesh formation. The mesh becomes the foundation for collagen production and results are noticed gradually, yet naturally, as fine lines diminish, and skin is tightened.

As a leader in anti-aging services throughout Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Culver City, Dr. Daniel Moghadam delivers individualized care that considers the unique chemistry and facial anatomy of each patient. If you would like more information about the innovative PDO thread lift, contact Modern Aesthetica today.