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Botox Facial


Botox cosmetic facial treatments are no stranger to many individuals seeking to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles while generating a more youthful complexion. Yet, as traditional use of the neurotoxin involves injecting Botox into specific facial muscles to soften and smooth furrows, the Botox facial introduces a customized mix of vitamins and nutrients with a specialized technique.

In essence, smaller amounts of Botox are combined with hyaluronic acid, as well as Vitamins A and C, though other ingredients, such as green tea and salicylic acid, may also be added for some patients. Botox injections are delivered deep into muscles. However, the Botox facial, along with its added ingredients, is administered using a cluster of tiny needles, delivering the mixture just below the skin’s surface.


Perhaps the perfect complement to the conventional use of Botox, the Botox facial incorporates an age-old technique called micro-needling, providing a revolutionary anti-aging treatment which also revitalizes the surface texture of the skin.

The cocktail of hyaluronic acid and other vitamins along with its method of delivery is the secret. Tiny needles penetrate the skin at only 0.6 millimeters, and the facial utilizes far less Botox than conventional injections alone. Thus, the skin experiences a boost in collagen production and regrowth over the course of 10 days following treatment. Additionally, with Vitamins A and C, the skin appears radiant and tight, as pore size is dramatically reduced. Consequently, the Botox facial is one way to extend the life of traditional Botox injections by introducing antioxidants that reinforce the skin and ultimately prevent the development of new lines and wrinkles.

As a leader in anti-aging cosmetic services, Dr. Daniel Moghadam is a trusted and experienced physician providing cutting-edge, personalized aesthetic treatments. At Modern Aesthetica, his state-of-the-art facility in Santa Monica, patients experience customized, tailored facial treatments administered by Dr. Moghadam himself.

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