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Depending on its expression, the word biohacking leads some to draw connections to modern science or organic life, which is not untrue. Yet, from a wellness perspective, biohacking encompasses a “systems-thinking approach to one’s own biology,” as explained by Nutritious Life.

Furthermore, it involves a consideration of inputs (food, exercise) and outputs (energy, mood), and how intentional refining of one’s inputs produces measurable outputs. Consequently, any change an individual makes in order to move towards optimal health and wellness is considered a form of biohacking, which labels the person a biohacker.

With a general understanding of biohacking, consider all of the ways in which individuals can advance their health, both physically and mentally. From changing certain habits to adopting social practices such as thankfulness and gratitude, meditation, sleep optimization and postural techniques, some forms of biohacking are straightforward.

Others incorporate leading-edge technologies such as neurofeedback, IV nutrition, genetic profiling, hyperbaric chambers and varying levels of body modification. As a modern aesthetics clinic we endeavor to be on the cutting edge. While these fundamentals continue to evolve, another concept to consider is the use of peptides.


As a form of biohacking, peptide supplements are particularly popular in the arena of fitness, specifically in burning fat, building muscle and improving athletic performance.

Peptide synthesis is a form of protein biology and involves a strategy in which peptide bonds are chemically linked to chains of amino acids, creating a unique compound. Thus, peptides become a way to obtain a desired biological reaction, such as maximizing performance and ability.

Moreover, they are an alternative for individuals seeking to harness the power of growth hormones to achieve the boost or competitive edge that they need.

Biohacking specialist Dr. Daniel Moghadam explains that peptides play a vital role in the regulation of multiple aspects of biological aging. For instance, some influence how the body reacts to diet and physical exercise.

This is important because as individuals age, it is increasingly difficult to activate the body’s release of growth hormones, which are needed for recovery, anti-aging, and fat loss. With this in mind, the theory behind peptide therapy is that by isolating and/or stimulating a short-chain peptide, protein synthesis is initiated and organ function increases. In itself, this process turns the table on aging, which naturally involves a decrease in protein synthesis.

As the founder and owner of Modern Aesthetica in Santa Monica, CA, Dr. Daniel Moghadam delivers the latest in regenerative and anti-aging and aesthetics healthcare. He is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging and a fellow of the International Peptide Society.

Using this background, Dr. Moghadam provides critical insight into biohacking and the use of peptide supplements at his wellness practice. If you would like additional information regarding the use of peptides, as well as growth hormone producing categories GHRH (Growth Hormone Releasing Hormones) and GHRP (Growth Hormone Releasing Peptides), contact Modern Aesthetica today.


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