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Restylane Refyne


With age, loss of volume and skin elasticity have many individuals seeking solutions for improving their facial features. Fortunately, advancements in anti-aging dermal fillers have generated a new treatment paradigm in which patients can experience wrinkle correction without sacrificing their natural facial characteristics and expressions.

Uniquely formulated to treat areas of expression such as radial cheek lines (smile lines) and marionette lines, Restylane Refyne is an injectable dermal facial filler that is comprised of a clear liquid gel of hyaluronic acid.

This substance is naturally occurring in the body, and when injected, instantly fills and softens lines and wrinkles. Also, a highlight of Restylane Refyne is its ability to stretch and integrate easily with surrounding facial tissues, creating a more natural appearance.


Along with Restylane Defyne, Restylane Refyne generates real-life results through an exclusive manufacturing process using XpresHAn technology. Thus, hyaluronic acid gels remain flexible, with the ability to stick to themselves. For patients, this guarantees a more natural-looking outcome.

Regarding smoothing out laugh lines, Restylane Refyne provides an exquisite result for mild to moderate wrinkles and folds around the mouth and nose. As the “softer” of the two Restylane fillers, Refyne is better for thinner skin.

When it comes to improving facial features and eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, Santa Monica and Los Angeles residents trust the aesthetic services of anti-aging specialist Dr. Daniel Moghadam. As an esteemed physician in the area, Dr. Moghadam proudly serves patients at his state-of-the-art facility, Modern Aesthetica, where he tailors treatment to work within the unique chemistry of each individual.

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