While facial expressions complement an individual’s unique personality, years of smiling, frowning and squinting can result in fine lines and creases that are more apparent with age. Thus, to combat the effects of aging while preserving natural beauty, Botox injections have become one of the preferred solutions for facial aesthetics.

Comprised of a purified protein, Botox injections relax specific facial muscles by blocking nerve signals to these muscles. The end result is to effectively smooth lines and rejuvenate the appearance of skin. This is all done without surgery.

As lines in the upper face, including crow’s feet and the vertical lines between the eyebrows, become diminished, individuals appear more awake and refreshed.

What’s more is that when Botox is delivered strategically from an experienced physician, it can provide lift to the eyebrows and tighten skin around the lower jaw area for a more youthful contour and shape. Botox can even be used to stop excessive amounts of sweating.


When residents in Santa Monica and Los Angeles seek an anti-aging solution that will exceed their aesthetic goals without compromising their natural facial expressions, they turn to Dr. Daniel Moghadam at Modern Aesthetica.

As the cosmetic treatment of choice, Botox injections offer lasting results that are evident in as little as one week. By softening wrinkles from repetitive facial movements, patients with mild to moderate aging concerns experience younger looking skin with a smoother texture and greater definition.

Botox is widely regarded as a safe facial aesthetics procedure. That being said, many people are concerned with potential risks surrounding Botox injections.

However, having a skilled doctor administering your Botox injection can make a safe procedure even safer. With unsurpassed skill and precision, Dr. Moghadam personally handles Botox cosmetic injections at his state-of-the-art aesthetic clinic, Modern Aesthetica.

As a top-rated anti-aging and wellness physician, Dr. Moghadam considers both beauty and wellness, delivering personalized services that are based upon each patient’s unique needs and desires.

To learn more about Botox injections for skin anti-aging or to schedule an appointment, contact Modern Aesthetica in Santa Monica today.

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