Start Cryo-sculpting Now and Have the Beach Body You've Always Wanted by Summer

You work out and eat a healthy diet, so why do you still have bothersome pockets of fat? This common conundrum leads many people to consider body contouring treatments. 

Thanks to modern technology, many of these treatments are minimally invasive. In other words, you won’t have to go under the knife or deal with surgery-related risks or lengthy recovery time.

At Modern Aesthetica in Santa Monica, California, Dr. Daniel Moghadam offers numerous nonsurgical body sculpting treatments to help you meet your aesthetic goals. Keep reading to learn about cryo-sculpting and whether you might be a good candidate.

The truth about stubborn fat

A healthy lifestyle is important for doing away with excess pounds and maintaining a healthy body weight long term. That said, eating well, getting enough sleep and exercise, and managing stress aren’t enough for everyone. 

Genetic factors can play a significant role in where body fat is distributed throughout your body. This is why fat that gathers in your midsection, for example, can be especially tough to fully lose. Hormonal factors can influence body fat, too.

How cryo-sculpting can help

Cyro-sculpting is an FDA-cleared treatment for stubborn fat bulges in your:

While cryo-sculpting doesn’t stimulate weight loss, it does permanently destroy fat cells in treated areas. 

During your treatment, Dr. Moghadam places a roll of fat between two panels that use cryolipolysis, a process that cools the fat to a frigid temperature. The coldness damages fat cells, and your body gradually eliminates them within three months. 

One study showed that this process can reduce a layer of fat by up to 25%.

While you might notice mild pinching or pulling sensations as well as intense cold or aches at the start of your treatment, these sensations gradually go away as the area grows numb. 

Any side effects, such as redness, swelling, and tingling, tend to be mild compared to surgical side effects and diminish on their own pretty quickly. Most people can get right back to their usual daily activities afterward.

Good candidates for Cryo-sculpting

If you’re in generally good health and within or close to your ideal weight range yet can’t seem to eliminate stubborn fat, you could be a great candidate for cryo-sculpting. 

The treatment is ideal for people who exercise regularly as part of a healthy lifestyle and aren’t likely to gain large amounts of weight in the future. 

Within as little as a few weeks, you could start to appear sleeker and slimmer in your desired places. And if you start your cryo-sculpting treatment during the winter or spring, you can expect to reach your goal in time to hit the beach this summer.

To learn more about cryo-sculpting, call Modern Aesthetica at 310-395-5055 or request an appointment through our website. 

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